In Defense of Democracy

VSC has created iDoD to facilitate a better understanding of what actions Russia took and continues to take in terms of conducting information warfare against the U.S. We ask that you pass along as well as bookmark this page, because it will be continuously updated with premium information from leading experts.
Project Lakhta is the name of a broad, far-reaching interference operation whereby Russia sought to intervene in political and electoral affairs by targeting specific audiences within the United States as well as other countries. Within the U.S., this operation sought to sow division and discord by exploiting those organic social fissures appertaining to a target audience, along with undermining faith in democratic institutions in the “West”.
According to internal documents obtained by the FBI via the arrest of the project manager in Virginia, Russia “sought to conduct what it called internally ‘information warfare against the United States of America’ through fictitious U.S. personas on social media platforms and other Internet-based media.” 
Also, from these internal documents it is revealed that the following, but not limited to, minorities were of strategic interest: American Indians, African Americans, Latinos, & LGBTQ community.
e pluribus unum:
We understand that some within our country disagree with the actions taken by leadership, however, those actions are to be contrasted against our better angels, Madisonian democracy; thus, fostering constructive dialogue leading to compassion and compromise, the basis of who we ‘are’.
And we will be providing easy access to information concerning your state and local representatives, along with what companies have donated to their campaign.