Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Veteran Service Corps engages and unites veterans, out of our shared oath of service to our country, to improve our communities and protect constitutional and human rights.

Our Vision

We imagine a just, equitable world where the passion and talents of veterans are fully leveraged to improve the lives of all citizens, to create lasting solutions, and to build capacity in others.

Our Values


Our word is gold. Our commitments and our actions are completely aligned. We will only commit to what we know we can do.


Every individual and group must be treated fairly. We believe that what we fought for has meaning – that our ideals of freedom, justice and equality must be realized by every citizen in America.


We welcome all, veterans, allies and communities we serve, into active partnership where every voice is heard, every gift is honored, and every talent is put to good use. Everyone veteran – regardless of ability – is welcome. 

Camaraderie (Wotitakuye in Lakota)

From all branches of service and including our civilian ally community, we belong to an extended family, united in our mission and in trust of one another.

Generosity (Wacantognaka in Lakota)

Giving of ourselves – our talent, time, and worldly possessions as well as our compassion and kindness – is fundamental to individual and community well being. Nothing is expected in return.